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Plumbing installations are known to often have problems, that you cannot figure out and determine the cause of. Do you have strange leaks and other issues, impeding your systems funtionality? If you are looking for a local plumber who can do the job right the first time, Absolute Plumbing Plus LLC is the company to call. We have more than 15 years of experience in dealing with all sorts of problems, and the list of our satisfied customers grows every day. We are a third generation plumbing contractor in South Kansas City, MO, and the expertise and methods that we use have proven to be effective on countless occasions.

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Lead Technician - Justin Long

Lead Technician – Justin Long

If you are having unexpected problems, contact us for a free estimate right away! We have mastered the craft, and are widely recognized as one of the most efficient and professional plumbing service providers in the state. It takes many years of practice, in order to have an excellent grasp of all the elements in a plumbing system, and be capable of handling all complicated issues. Leak detection is one of the most basic elements of the job, and our expertise includes many more features that we can offer you. Our company works only at competitive rates and prices, because we are here to help, not further complicate your situation.

Absolute Plumbing Plus LLC is a fully licensed, bonded and insured plumbing contractor, that specializes in a wide range of effective services, that can be of great advantage to you. We are certified to operate backhoes, and for your comfort, we guarantee our excellent quality with a 1 year warranty. Our plumbing service is available for the Greater Kansas City area, and we are renowned throughout the local communities for our efficient and courteous experts. We are the company to call when you are looking for a plumber in South Kansas City, MO, that can guarantee the proper functionality of your system. Our professionals can provide a solution to every plumbing problem, that you may be experiencing.

Technician - Randy Long

Technician – Randy Long

  • Residential and Commercial Services
  • Installation
  • Plumbing Repair
  • Hydro Jetting System
  • Leak Detection and Diagnosis
  • Warranty Work

During our years of working with all kinds of clients, we have gained the knowledge and skills necessary, to provide outstanding services of excellent quality. We have learned the most common problems of local residents and commercial clients, as well as most of their personal preferences. This helps us to design and improve our plumbing installations and repairs, in order to fulfill all of the requirements that our customers may have. Our focus is always on providing you with the most appropriate solution to your specific problem, and assure you of long lasting and reliable results.

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True plumbers!

I had a huge leak in my bathroom that several plumbers tried to fix, without success. Then, I found you, guys. You really know your stuff because, after your... Read more reviews

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Absolute Plumbing Plus LLC is the ultimate choice for a plumbing contractor in South Kansas City, MO, as we can provide you with methods and expertise that have been gained over 15 years of experience. Contact us at the number listed below if you are having any kind of problems, regardless of shape or size. The issue should be solved as quickly as possible, and that is why we are here for you!

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Absolute Plumbing Plus LLC
Contact us: (816) 287-3965
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