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Plumbing Maintenance Tip

Plumbing Maintenance

November 25th, 2013

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Tips by a Reputable Plumbing Service

  • Never pour any fat or cooking oils down your drains. They will solidify in the pipes. Instead, wipe the grease from all your pots with paper towels and throw it in trash.
  • Avoid putting fibrous or starchy items in the garbage disposal. Poultry skin, celery, fruit and potato peels, cannot be sufficiently broken down. Make sure to switch the disposal on when you put food into it.
  • Never flush cotton, swabs, hair or facial pads down a toilet. They won’t dissolve, and will cause clogging.
  • Know your limits. Often, small plumbing problems can turn into a plumbing catastrophe if not handled correctly. If you notice a problem, then you will have to call in a plumbing service.
  • When it comes to  plumbing service, prevention is easier and less costly. Some simple preventative measures will make your plumbing perform as designed, and will last longer.
  • Washer less faucets gives the best performance, and the least maintenance. Next time you have a leaking faucet, upgrade to a washer less variety.
  • Shower and bath drains should have strainers, this is to stop hair and soap from going down the drain. Clean strainers often to avoid any clogs.
  • Remove any mineral deposits from your showerhead to continue a good water flow. If it is too clogged, replace it.
  • Don’t flush Kleenex down the toilet. The fibers don’t disintegrate like normal toilet paper, and it can cause clogs. It’s also a waste of water. Maintain toilet tanks to prevent water waste by replacing balls at least once a year, and upgrade to a modern tank system.

Don’t treat your toilets like a universal disposal. Just because a product is named disposable, or flushable doesn’t mean you can flush it down the toilet. Keep waste paper baskets in the bathroom for facial tissues, gum, sanitary products, bandages and any paper towels. Disposable diapers don’t flush down a toilet, unless you remove the plastic liner, and tear the diaper into small pieces. Putting one facial tissue down a toilet is not likely to cause any problems, but it develops bad habits, that create the impression a toilet can take everything. Also, flushing a toilet to get rid of facial tissue is a huge waste of water. Remember – hazardous chemicals will not harm your toilet, but they shouldn’t be flushed either.

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