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Get a Plumbing Repair Service for Your Leaky Pipes!

What Causes Leaks, and Why It Should Be Fixed?

Did you notice that your water pipes have been leaking? No matter how big the leak is, it’s still crucial to get a plumbing repair service right away. Here are what causes it, and the reasons why you should resolve the issue.

Why It Happens

There are plenty of reasons why your water pipe leaks, and perhaps, the most popular one is deterioration. Over time, corruptive minerals form inside and outside the pipes causing them to break or leak. They also destroy the seal. This can be very dangerous if not detected right away for the leaked water can destroy your appliance.

On the other hand, other common causes of leaks include high water pressure, drastic temperature change, untreated clogs, and tree roots. Regardless of what material your pipes are made of, they still go through chemical reactions when exposed to harsh temperatures. They expand in summer and contract in winter, and this can wear out your pipe faster.

What Will Happen Then?

There are a lot of things that can happen if you ignored the issue. First of all, the water will corrupt your structural components. It’ll make it highly vulnerable to molds and stains. If this continues, you might find yourself paying for a home improvement repair rather than the plumbing service.

Molds can grow in just 2 days so it’s important to get rid of their source right away. They can damage your building as well as your health. They can trigger respiratory illnesses and many more.

What Are the Problems?

Detecting a leak might be easy but identifying its source can be very challenging. In most cases, professionals have to bring a special camera just to examine the deepest part of the plumbing system. The issue should be thoroughly assessed to avoid costly and ineffective procedures.

You cannot just say that the leak is caused by an untreated clog, then, proceed to pour unregistered chemicals into the pipes to dissolve the leaks. This move is very dangerous, not only to your plumbing system but also to your safety. Once the pipe burst and you’re nearby, you can get severely hurt.

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