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What Equipment Does a Professional Plumber Use?

Not Sure What Tools to Have Handy for Your Plumber?

The different kinds of plumbing equipment range from hand and power tools, consumable materials, and equipment for the shop and workplace. The simplest tools you may have for basic plumbing tasks should include a fire resistant cloth, adjustable wrench, pliers,  pipe wrench, hacksaw, propane torch, plunger, and of course, safety glasses. These tools are  used to do basic jobs, like unclogging drains, soldering two pipes together and changing a faucet. More complex equipment will be needed for more complicated tasks.

Other plumbing tools which come under the category of personal hand tools are Allen keys, a caulking gun, a ball peen hammer, chisels, a crowbar, and a drywall knife. Other kinds of hand tools can include multi tip, needle nose pliers, stubby screwdrivers, trowel, a sledgehammer, a socket set, and different types of adjustable wrenches. Safety equipment should be earplugs, safety glasses, and gloves. These tools are used in various ways. For instance, a crowbar and drywall knife can be used to access plumbing located behind walls, in order to be able to replace old clogged or damaged pipes.

These personal hand tools are carried by a professional plumber when they do specific jobs. They are the types of plumbing equipment which can be used on job after job. There will be no need to replace these after use, and most of them are not just for plumbing but are everyday equipment which can be used on numerous construction jobs.

Consumable plumbing equipment, however, cannot be reused on multiple jobs as it is installed or used on jobs. Instances of consumable plumbing equipment are flux or soldering paste, copper strapping, plumber’s putty, Teflon tape, 50/50 solder, silicone, and different screws and nails. Once tape, silicone or solder is used on a job, it obviously cannot be re-used, so more needs to be purchased.

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